black and white photography :
z e r o
urban america ... exposed
isolation, detachment & social distortion
black and white photography : zero
documentary photography :
east meets west
with new prosperity comes new
social dichotomies and challenges
documentary photography : east meets west
urban photography :
the street
the urban and social landscape...
the street in its rawest form, exposed
urban photography : the street
urban exploration :
urban decay
the ruins of a previous urban existence
nature reclaims the land it lost
urban exploration : urban decay
photojournalism :
still looking
looking for love in a modern setting
sex, drugs, music and alcohol
photojournalism : still looking
documentary photography :
jane and debbie
a story of identity and love
challenging prejudices and the system
documentary photography : jane and debbie
photojournalism :
not in my name
iraq: freedom and liberation - yes
innocent death and destruction - no
photojournalism : not in my name
urban exploration :
urban spray
the art of the street
stencils, graffiti art, icons... expression
urban exploration : urban spray

Urban Exposure by James Wakefield
welcome to urban exposure : a gallery of documentary photography, photojournalism and urban exploration
my work is concerned with representing the human and non-human aspects of the urban and social landscape through photography
my portfolio of projects includes black and white photography, documentary photography, urban photography and photojournalism

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